i was sitting where i am right now, getting ready for my holiday in cyprus, its so freaky because i remember it so well! so then this week would have been my holiday!… Continue reading


so, i am really small and i have these chinos that are to big, so because i like the whole punk ass style, i got this incredibubly <– bad spelling bad ass belt,… Continue reading


within hours were viewed in Germany, i think their from my twitter so thank you, pass on the word that ladydeldiamonis is here and gonna storm the internet 😀 AAHHH


so tommorow, im going to the cinema with my friends to see yes the hunger games, my friends Viatriz and charlotte are obsessed with it so im going.. popcorn for dinner! should be… Continue reading

TUMBLR ACCOUNTS marinas tumblr account lady gagas tumblr account (although she hasnt posted for 8 months – she forgot her password)

M A R I N A . A N D . T H E . D I A M O N D S photoshoot

i am honesly loving marinas new style of the american arcives, she is very beautiful and i am sooo exciyed for her new album, so i thought to get the launch of ladydeldiamondis… Continue reading


so, my mom was making tea and were very trational and have a crockery teapot and my mom was stirring and dropped the spoon into the teapot *nods head in shame* no i… Continue reading

H E L L O : W O R L D

Welcome to ladydeldiamondis, this is my banner, so far made by my dear friend via, follow on as we post the latest news of the greatest female artists out there RECIPE FOR LADYDELDIAMONDIS:… Continue reading