its official, ladydeldiamondis has been viewed in Spain, Germany And America, love you guys! and twitter 🙂 Advertisements


happy hunger games, and my the odds be ever in your favour


what do you guys think, although wordpress is being stupid and making my banner all difficult by saying its too big and not all fitting on the screen, ill post it here so… Continue reading


because i suck at blogging, i thought i should get this, i was £12.99 but thanks to many vouchers i got it to £1.67!

D O L L Y . C H O P S

hey guys, dollychops / Helen Green is an amazing artist who draws celebrites, but mainly lady gaga, gaga has tweeted dollychops about her amazing drawings! shes entered for the born this way ball… Continue reading


in case you dont know, cleverbot is on online chat website that allows you to randomly talk to a robot which is quite odd and asks alot of weird question, being the littlemonster… Continue reading

R O M A N . R E L O A D E D

YAY! NICKI MINAJ’S NEW ALBUM IS OUT. FINALLY. i havent got it yet but i think im gonna get the deluxe edition but clean or explict?? :S my favorite songs of it are:… Continue reading


so you may or may not have heard of the game draw something, well i have it and i hope to play with some of you guys, its free and really fun even… Continue reading


hey guys, ive just come back from the town centre and cinema, was great, saw the hunger games gonna post a review of it tonight. curry for dinner yum! have you guys seen… Continue reading


OMG ukruthy this is so true 😀