SHOWSTUDIO Release New Lady Gaga: Born This Way Stills

Lady Gaga’s music video “Born This Way”, directed by Nick Knight, was a massive success, we’ve had a second version of the video, tonnes of performances, and still SHOWStudio’s bring out something new. Check out the stills that didn’t make it into the final cut below:

57b550d4ab1c11e1be6a12313820455d_7.jpg   still_2.jpg   Still.jpg   tumblr_m4w8wrzi7a1qahy1wo1_1280.jpg

BTW.jpg   BTW1.jpg   BTW4.jpg   BTW3.jpg

Screen_Shot_2012-05-31_at_09_17_44.png   Screen_Shot_2012-05-31_at_09_18_00.png   Screen_Shot_2012-05-31_at_09_18_08.png   Screen_Shot_2012-05-31_at_09_18_19.png