Disneyland Tokyo: Lady Gaga wearing Uriel Salas Jewellery

During her visit in Disneyland, Gaga wore some seriously killer jewelry.

The choker with leather strings and both the cuffs, all in solid gold-plated silver with Obsidianstones, belong to the young Mexican designer Uriel Salas debut collection.

For his very first jewelry collection Uriel “imagined a triptych about canonization, the process that treansforms a man into a saint”. The pieces Gaga wore are from the first part of the collection – Justice. Next will come Torture, he’ll be working on this summer, and thenIllumination.

Obsidian, the naturally occurring volcanic glass Uriel combines with gold-pated silver to create his jewellery, is traditionally associated with the notion of justice.

All the pieces were manufactured in a small Mexico City atelier, no more than three or four pieces for each model.

Source: gagafashionland