Lady Gaga Giving Away ‘Monster Pit Key’ To Hardcore Fan At Each Tour Stop



Lady Gaga has a gift for whichever intrepid fan finds him or herself first in line at her “Born This Way Ball” world tour.

Mother Monster is giving away a ”Monster Pit key” to the first fan waiting at each of the “BTW Ball’s” 110 dates and is having that fan sign the real key to the Monster Pit, an enclosed general admission area around the stage reserved for hardcore fans, which she is collecting for … um, something. (Herself? Perhaps to remember the tour by?)

Tweeting a picture of a skull-like mock up of herself with her ponytail serving as the “key,” she wrote, “This is a necklace I’ll give to the first monster in line every night at the Ball. It’s a symbol of the ‘key’ that opens the pit every night.”

She’s keeping the real key to the pit for herself though. In a follow-up tweet, she elaborated: “The real monster pit key will be signed by this fan and returned to me. There’ll be 110 necklaces & signatures Mar. 2013.”

The “Bad Romance” singer kicked off her tour (April 27) in Seoul, South Korea. Late last month, she tweeted about being nervous for the start of the tour. ”This is a very special moment for Haus of Gaga. We thank you so much. Enjoy our music, fashion installations & pop performance art tonight,” she wrote. ”Nervous for tonight. Hope I make little monsters happy and proud.”

Don’t worry, Gaga, we’re certain they will be falling all over themselves the second you hit the stage!