All the Information on Lady Gaga’s new tour “The Born This Way Ball” can be found here. The record-breaking tour is set to kick off on April 27th, in Seoul, South Korea. Check out more details below:

Information on the stage:

  • The ‘Born This Way Ball’ stage will take approximately 5 days to finish constructing.
  • There will be 4 ‘Born This Way Ball’  stages worldwide.
  • Around 60 trucks and 30 buses will be needed to transport the equipment.
  • The catwalk will be 30 meters long and shaped like a tongue.

Information on the tour:

  • Lady Gaga will perform 24 tracks.
  • The Darkness and Lady Starlight to be the opening acts for the shows in Europe.
  • DJ Zedd will be the opening act for the Asian leg.
  • Confirmed tracks Lady Gaga will be performing from TF/TFM: Just Dance, Poker Face, LoveGame, Paparazzi, Bad Romance.
  • There will be new dancers
  • Lady Gaga will be playing arenas, as well as stadiums
  • 110 date tour
  • There will be a Monster Pit, first to come are the first to enter. (More information on this below)
  • Lady Gaga will wear outfits designed by Giorgio Armani and custom-made Versace outfits.
  • DJWS is working on the interludes/transitions.
Information on the outfits:
  • Most outfits were created by Giorgio Armani, but 2 of them were created by Francesco Scognamiglio.

Lady Gaga Media

Tour Packages:

  • Government Hooker Package – $330 – One General Admission standing ticket – Early entry for General Admission standing area (does NOT include access to Monster Pit) – Lady Gaga merchandise item – Collectible Lady Gaga laminate – Onsite VIP host
  • Heavy Metal Lover Package – $450 – One premium Price Level 1 reserved seat – Pre-show hospitality (appetizers and beverages) – Lady Gaga merchandise item – Collectible Lady Gaga laminate – Onsite VIP host
  • Highway Unicorn Package – $300  – One premium Price Level 2 reserved seat – Lady Gaga merchandise item – Collectible Lady Gaga laminate – Onsite VIP host

Monster Pit details:

  • The Monster Pit waiting line is a separate line.
  • Depending on the size of the venue, the Monster Pit will hold between 400 and 2,000 fans.
  • Security constantly counts the number of people in line so they can close it when it reaches the limit.
  • First one in line gets the key to open the Pit, key which will later be returned to Lady Gaga herself.

Promotional Pictures:

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