happy anniversary of ladydeldiamondis!

its officially 1 month since I started ladydeldiamonds, just me, with my word press DIY magazine sitting on the sofa, on the iPad setting it all up. And spooky enough, i’m having the same meal I had on that day tonight aswell O_O  weird i know, plus ive reached 700 views today, and ive had a view in Hong Kong! O_O GAGA IS THAT YOU?! she is there after all and I did tweet her asking to visit, but she didnt tweet me about it, i have a feeling she did though, but she would have advertised it right? Like when she advertised Dollychops :S i really hope she did, ill go check and see if she followed me on twitter which you guys can too, @electrichappel thanks and see you guys soon 🙂