Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are co-starring on the big screen! Now it had already been reported by Will Smith, yes the Man in Black himself, that Lady Gaga would have a cameo in the upcoming Men In Black film…we just didn’t know how.
Well, now we do, as director Barry Sonnenfield has revealed that Lady Gaga will be making an appearance as an alien in disguise! And she’s not the only one. Apparently, Justin Bieber will also be in the film, in a similar role, as will Tim Burton. Sonnenfield explains that they’ll each appear on the famous alien surveillance board – something that has been featured in each of the Men In Black films.
So how do they go about getting such big names? As the director puts it, the challenge is getting celebs that are famous, who will give you permission, and will still be relevant in 10 years. He says they’ve been pretty lucky so far – and adds that he was surprised that Lady GaGa said yes.
Keep in mind – Gaga and Biebs won’t be the first celebs to be outed as aliens – Steven Spielberg, Danny Devito, and Sylvester Stallone have all been “honored” as aliens in previous films. So are you gonna see it? hope so and be sure to keep checking up for news..

(i refuse to have justin beiber on here unless negitive so no pic of him) 😉