ImageImageImageImageso basically, when i went to birmingham, i went into Waterstones and got the first book just the hunger games and that cost me £7.99 by its self, so before i even started reading it, we went to stafford the next day too look around and went into starbucks (pictures coming soon) and just after that, we went to a really cheap bookshop called the works and saw the boxset… and it cost £7.99! For all 3 books! i was like :0 it was amazing!!

so no im reading book no1. and on page 68 and embassingly have been reading it for a while so :S yeah…

but its all okay, even though all my friends are on book to.. catching fire i think its called.

anyway now that im done ranting, hope to see you soon, and as a new competition, send me a GIF featuring lady gaga, lana del rey and marina and the diamonds so i can advertise of tumblr in style!! like something that flashes up with pictures of them 3 wether they look the same or not 😉


F R O M . T H E . D E S K . O F . L A D Y . D E L . D I A M O N D I S