B O R N . T H I S . W A Y . B A L L

AHHH its official, i have tickets to the BTW ball, im going to the twickenham stadium, london one, and its on the weekend of my birthday (a day before) and im seating and its literally where that pre drawing of the BTW Ball stage on gagas twitter was, ill be facing the exacts way and diatance away! excited as hell, so gonna be surrounded by little monsters and possibly drunk on my b-day, plus this would be the first time i get to see gaga in concert and person so will be great, I get to spend the weekend in londonand gonna try and get a studded lether jacket for it,
oh btw, tommorow im gonna edit the videos i did of today and yesterday if e wether, cus it was hudge hail and thunder! :S so leave a comment if ur going to the twickenham btw ball! see you there 😉 B Y E !